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Adding Frets To Neck Diagrams

By default the fonts Chords and Scales create chord- and scale diagrams with five and six frets. Diagrams for scale patterns using three notes per string, long-form arpeggios or some tetrachord patterns require more than six frets.

It is pretty easy to add any number of frets to these diagrams by connecting and aligning two or more text boxes in Apple Pages as shown in the video. Make sure to set Text Wrap of each text box to None.
Adding frets to neck diagrams
Connecting Diagrams in Apple Pages
  • create two neck diagrams in text boxes with the fonts Chords and/or Scales
  • set Text Wrap of each text box to None
  • cut the lower part of the text box resp. neck diagram to avoid overlaps
  • connect and align text boxes
  • group the text boxes
  • optionally rotate the diagram by 90°
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