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Custom Neck Diagrams Library

The fonts Chords and Scales come with a huge library of thousands of editable chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams for guitar which can be dropped into other documents in macOS, iOS and iPadOS at any time. As already specified Spotlight Search in macOS offers a quick and easy way to insert these diagrams into your documents.
Custom Neck Diagrams
And here’s how it works to add your own custom neck diagrams to the library:

  • create some custom neck diagrams using the fonts Chords and Scales
  • highlight and copy the diagram you wish to add to the library
  • then run a script that automatically adds your just created diagram to the custom neck diagrams library and thus to Spotlight Search.
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Running a Script

Go to the Script menu in the menu bar and select the script according to the font style of the selected diagram.

The script automatically

  • creates the folder My Neck Diagrams in your Documents folder
  • adds a subfolder according to the font style:
  • My Chords Normal
  • My Chords Nut
  • My Scales Normal
  • My Scales Nut
  • My Arpeggios Normal
  • My Arpeggios Nut
  • opens a new document in TextEdit
  • pastes your custom diagram into the new TextEdit document
  • sets the font size to 20
  • sets the font style according to the name of the script
  • waits for your input for chord name, fret position and string numbers
  • saves the document in the subfolder and closes the document
  • waits for your input for your Spotlight comments

Installing Scripts

Please me an email to get the scripts for free (include your order number).
  • Unzip the folder Chords and Scales Scripts
  • move the folder Chords and Scales Scripts to ~/Library/Scripts/
  • open Script Editor located at /Applications/Utilities/
  • in Script Editor Preferences activate Show Script menu in menu bar
  • run the Chords and Scales Scripts from the menu bar as shown in the video
  • requirements: Fonts for neck diagrams | macOS
Script Menu Bar