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The Fonts Chords & Scales are currently (as of January 2024) no longer available for sale and download.
Existing customers will continue to receive support.

In 2024 – with an updated website and a new reseller – there will be new and exciting fonts for chord and scale diagrams available. Stay tuned.

I will switch to another sales platform because Fastspring, my previous sales platform, will charge fees that are not acceptable to me.
Thank you very much for your support and all the best,

Manne Schlaier

Library · Spotlight Search

Chords and Scales come with a huge library of more than 10000 editable chord, scale and arpeggio diagrams for guitar which can be dropped into other documents in macOS, iOS and iPadOS at any time. You can save your own custom diagrams and add them to this library.
A quick and easy way to insert these diagrams into your documents offers Spotlight Search that comes with macOS.
Call up the Spotlight Menu and type Fmaj scale V.
As you type Spotlight builds the list of every match it can find by tracking the keywords, descriptions, and tags applied to the Chords and Scales diagrams in the library and sorts it by type.
The left side of the results will display the assorted neck diagrams. Choose Fmaj scale in the 5th position.
To the right preview and highlight the neck diagram and drag and drop it into the open document.
Repeat with Fmaj pentatonic scale, Fmaj7 arpeggio and Fmaj7 chord accordingly.
Edit the pasted diagrams by applying text features like font-size or color.
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To take advantage of the library in iPadOS upload the library to your iCloud Drive and/or Files folder using your iPad's Split View and Slide Over features. → tutorial

Spotlight Search Criteria

All diagrams in the library are tagged with keywords helping you to narrow down your search results by typing specific criteria. This is extremely useful for beginner to advanced players who want to find, learn or just insert chords, scales and arpeggios in given positions or on different strings.
Spotlight search for chords on specific strings
Find F7 chords with notes on the strings 2346 only.
Spotlight search for scales in specific positions
Find all available minor7 pentatonic scales in the VIII. position.
Spotlight Search Scale Name
Searching for specific scale names
Spotlight search with tags to narrow down search results
Tags help you find diagrams, e.g. search for Aø7, Am7(b5), Am7/b5, Am7b5 or Amin7(b5) … for half diminished chords
Spotlight search for barre chords only
Find Emaj7 barré chords only.
Spotlight search for chords and arpeggios with zero fret
Find Dmaj7 chords and arpeggios in diagrams with zero fret (nut) only.
Spotlight Search Scale Degree
Searching for mode and scale degree
Narrow down Spotlight search with boolean search
Use Boolean search to narrow down your Spotlight Search
* Depending on the installed macOS your Spotlight Search window may look different than above.